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Vinyl Plank: A Timber Alternative

Vinyl Plank is an inexpensive, high quality and resilient alternative to timber flooring. Looking at timber flooring for your existing or new build? Solid or engineering timber too expensive? Don’t worry. We have the answer. Vinyl Plank. Vinyl Plank is an inexpensive, high quality and resilien


Laminate Flooring: An Overlooked Underdog

Looking for a quality alternative to timber flooring ? At Coastal Flooring (WA) Pty Ltd, we have built a strong reputation for being a leading provider of solid and engineered timber. However, there is one product that is often overlooked by our clientele, Quick-Step Laminate floors. Laminate is


Choose your company before you choose your floor

It is important to always choose your company before you choose your flooring. If you want a company with a history that includes: a commanding knowledge of wood species; floor treatments; various installation methods; onsite professionalism; and up-to-date practices regarding new trends and techni

Stain and Gain – The Era of the Hamptons Style Home

They say use what is local, use what is native, but what if you want to be different and think outside the box? If this sounds like you, then maybe you have already explored the timber options native to Australia, but have found that the rugged and strong style just didn’t suit your gentle nature