Laminate Flooring: An Overlooked Underdog

Looking for a quality alternative to timber flooring ?

At Coastal Flooring (WA) Pty Ltd, we have built a strong reputation for being a leading provider of solid and engineered timber. However, there is one product that is often overlooked by our clientele, Quick-Step Laminate floors.

Laminate is considered by most as being at the low end of the timber flooring market. However, Coastal Flooring (WA) Pty Ltd stocks laminate from a reputable European company, Quick-Step Laminate. Widely regarded as the best laminate flooring in the world, Quick-Step is completely scratch resistant and its easy  installation makes it the perfect product for DIY jobs.

This product doesn’t get the attention it truly deserves. It is stylish, available in various thicknesses, V-Grooves and textures, and is an extremely cost effective flooring solution. An excellent addition to any household, it can be used in every room apart from bathroom. To ensure the longevity of your laminate floors, you want to keep it away from moisture, and install it with an underlay for easy replacement when needed.

Quick-Step Laminate is installed using the floating method: the laminate is laid over a Quick-Step Combi-Lay underlay, which means that in the event of damage, the boards can easily be replaced. In addition to the normal underlay, Quick-Step also has a Combi-Lay Acoustic Underlay, to minimalise sound. This underlay is perfect for apartment living and office spaces, and we have installed laminate flooring with acoustic underlay many times. Clients with studios and properties that offer very little privacy often request this product. It’s a popular choice thanks to its stylish functionality.

The range of Quick-Step Laminate flooring is vast, with 36 samples on display in our showroom, you are guaranteed to find a colour to complement your home. Create the look you have always wanted, with a price tag that won’t break the bank, and a product that will serve you well for years to come.

In addition to Quick-Step, Coastal Flooring (WA) Pty Ltd also stocks laminate flooring from Inovar – the same company that manufacturers our highly recommended Vinyl Plank. Inovar products are made up of:

  • Highly anti-abrasive protective overlay
  • Melamine impregnated decorative film
  • High-density fireboard
  • Wax guard
  • Balancing film for dimensional stability

Available in 24 colour variations, Inovar – much like Quick-Step – is a complete range so there’s definitely a colour for you.

If you’re looking for an alternative to timber flooring, but are unsure of what’s available to you – come down to our office at 1/8 Pickard Avenue Rockingham and we will guide you every step of the way.