Buff and Coat: A Buff and Coat is a 2 – 3 hour process that involves us keying up your top layer of polish with a rotary sander and applying another coat of the same sealant over the top of your existing sealant. This process gets rid of all minor scratches and marks on your timber floor, giving you a longer lasting refreshed and rejuvenated look to your timber.


Bona Refresher: Applying the Bona Refresher is a DIY timber floor restoration but we can do it for you if you prefer. Made up of 1 part polish and 6 parts water, the Bona Refresher hides minor scratches in your top layer of floorseal and gives your timber floor a fresh and rejuvenated look. We stock this product in our showroom – if you would like some just come see us and we can provide it to you as well as the advice on how to apply it.

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