Big River Engineered Timber Flooring

Why it’s the preferred choice of Perth’s top builders and why it should be at the top of your list!

The taboo surrounding Engineered Timber and the attitude that it does not perform to the standard of solid flooring is dissolving. Much of this attitude shift is because of the Big River Engineered products and the fantastic reputation that they have. If you have been warned off engineered timber in fear that it is inferior to solid flooring, do not despair – this is a fairly common misconception.

Despite what you may have heard, the term “engineered” does not necessarily mean that you cannot re-sand and finish, nor does it mean that it is not natural timber. This is an umbrella term, widely used amongst timber flooring manufacturers to describe a multitude of products that do not fall under the traditional term “solid”.

With the Big River engineered products, you have all the benefits of solid, in that you can re-sand/seal or buff and re-coat. This type of flooring still contains all the features of traditional timber flooring – in that it feels solid under foot, however Big River has taken all the guess work out of it. They have successfully designed a way that customers can have a raw and natural timber without having to deal with the seasonal movement that is typical with solid timber flooring.

Made up of five layers of rotary-peeled hardwood timber with a face and back veneer of the selected species, this flooring system is a hybrid of solid and engineered flooring. The product is 14mm thick, yet the cross laminated structure of the boards provides the stability of an engineered floor.

Unlike traditional solid cut timbers, this product comes with a lifetime structural guarantee giving you peace of mind that you have selected a product that is not just a floor, but an investment as well. The product is available in its raw form, allowing you to make the decision on the type of finishing you prefer, or as a pre-finished board with a factory finish coating. Big River Engineered timber can be installed using the direct stick method, floated over an underlay or over acoustic matting, which makes it suitable for apartment living.

A full site inspection of the slab is required, to determine whether any preparation is necessary, however, engineered products are very forgiving and can be the perfect solution for that not-so-perfect subfloor! 

An application of moisture barrier is not required for this product, as it is 100% stable and less reactive to residual moisture in poured concrete slabs. The Big River range adjusts well to different temperature changes in the home and is very tolerant to Perth’s erratic weather. It’s tolerance to changing climatic conditions has been one of the major driving factors into why many of Perth’s most reputable builders are choosing Big River Engineered Timber Flooring for display homes, commercial properties and residential homes.

If you are looking for durability and stability but do not want to compromise on the solid feel that comes with traditional solid timber, then look no further than the Big River Engineered range: Blackbutt, Spotted Gum or Oak.