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Big River Engineered Timber Flooring

Why it’s the preferred choice of Perth’s top builders and why it should be at the top of your list! The taboo surrounding Engineered Timber and the attitude that it does not perform to the standard of solid flooring is dissolving. Much of this attitude shift is because of the Big River Engineer

Flooring styles

Building or Renovating? – Tips to help you choose the right floor for YOU

The flooring that you select will make a massive impact look and feel of your home For many who are thinking about building or renovating, or are currently in the process, the flooring selection can be agonising, as it is the most prominent feature of the home and much of the building budget is pro

Timber flooring thermal insulation

timber flooring acts as a natural insulator Did you know that timber flooring acts as a natural insulator? As the cooler months are setting in, you are probably dreading the winter, especially if your home’s floor is tiled.  As you are walking around your home, rugged up with scarves, beanie

Choose the right floor

Choose your wood flooring

Choose the right kind of flooring and know all your options If you’re remodelling your home it’s very important that you choose the right kind of flooring and know all your options. Flooring plays a big role in your home’s interior look and feel and it’s important to find something that sui