Supply & Installation of Timber Floors

Keep your hardwood floors in tip-top condition

Do you need a quality floor polisher or just a spruce up? Coastal Flooring provides a range of services to keep your hardwood floors in tip-top condition. Our services include:

Installation of Timber Floors

  • Battens – The term battens refers to an installation where treated pine battens are placed over an existing sub-floor, the timber is then glued and pinned to the batten. This will give the floor a traditional feel under foot and is quite soft and forgiving to live on.
  • Direct Stick – The direct stick installation method refers to the product being directly glue or glued and nailed to the subfloor. This is the most popular method of installation for Solid Timber Floors or raw flooring from the Big River Armourfloor engineered range.
  • Floating – The floating method of installation refers to the product being laid over a foam underlay to the subfloor. This method  is predominately used for laminate floors, bamboo floors or engineered pre-finished floors.
  • Plank on Ply – The plank on ply method of installation refers to a 12mm sheet of plywood being installed to the subfloor first, followed by the product being installed either floating or direct stick over the top. This method is particularly useful for uneven slabs or if there is an existing area of flooring to match up to.

Timber Floor Repairs

Coastal Flooring can assist in any type of timber flooring repair. If you have recently renovated and have missing areas of timber, we can assist with the supply and installation to match this in with your existing floor. If you have had an incident, that has left an unsightly gouge or scratch, we can isolate the repair to remove and replace the damaged board as required.

Timber Floor Restorations

If your timber flooring is in good condition but is just lacking lustre, it may be time to consider some timber flooring restoration work.

A buff and coat is a restoration process that involves buffing your existing top coat, to apply a new and fresh coat to the top of the existing polish. This process is great to help with the overall appearance of the floor whilst maintaining the top coat to give you greater longevity between re-sands.

Coastal Flooring can also clean and apply 1 coat of BONA wood floor refresher. This is a very fine film of polish, which adds another protective layer to your existing coating to help combat the appearance of wear and tear. This process does not involve any sanding or buffing and can usually be completed without disrupting your large pieces of furniture. The BONA wood floor refresher coat has a 3 hour drying time. You can pop out for a coffee, leave the hard work to the Coastal Flooring team and return to a beautifully refreshed floor!

Floor Sanding & Polishing

If you have an existing timber floor that is looking tired and worn, perhaps it’s time to think about a re-sand? Coastal Flooring can assist with all floor sanding and polishing works. We can re-sand your existing floor back to bare timber, removing all of the previous polish. We then apply 1 coat of BONA Intense Sealer and two top coats of BONA Traffic Matt, Satin or Gloss.

Materials for DIY-ers

If you are a jack of all trades and feel up to the challenge of installing your own solid timber, engineered timber or laminate floor, we can help! We can provide you with all of the materials to help you complete the job from start to finish. From adhesives to timber and polish, the Coastal Flooring team are always happy to assist in gearing you up for the materials for your next project.

Re-Coating & Cleaning Products