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Bamboo flooring your guests will envy

The exotic appearance of bamboo flooring has increased in popularity in recent years. It continues to be a front-runner for many homeowners, especially for those building and renovating. Coastal Flooring WA can provide you with the finest bamboo flooring Perth has to offer. Contact us now for more information.

Being both stylish and environmentally friendly, we provide the highest quality bamboo flooring. Bamboo is light in colour but Coastal Flooring WA offers a large range of colours to suit almost any décor. We have sourced some of the highest quality bamboo Perth has available.

Types of bamboo flooring

There are three styles of bamboo flooring that are popular amongst homeowners:

  • Engineered bamboo flooring: It is a horizontal cut that consists of a solid layer of bamboo glued over a substrate. This is the most recognisable bamboo flooring on the market.
  • Solid bamboo flooring: Made up of solid pieces of bamboo that have been glued together. It has a vertical cut, and is more durable than the engineered bamboo flooring.
  • Strand-woven bamboo flooring: It is the most durable option of the three and looks the least like traditional bamboo. This is because manufacturers can blend different lengths and colours to create a variety of styles.

Advantages of bamboo flooring

Homeowners choose to use bamboo flooring because of its chic and exotic look. The other advantages include:

  • Durable –lasts as long as hardwood floors
  • Variety – available in many styles and colours
  • Eco-friendly – more sustainable than traditional hardwood
  • Easy to maintain – and mild soap and a mop will help with cleaning
  • Low cost –less expensive in comparison to other flooring options

Why choose Coastal Flooring WA

We have a wide range of options to choose from. Our experts also use the floating method for installation, which involves installing the product over a foam underlay to the subfloor.

Contact us or visit our showroom in Rockingham for more information about the bamboo flooring options available for your home or business.

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