Custom made to individual taste

Looking at timber flooring but after something entirely unique to you? Look no further than Parquetry.

Each Parquetry installation Coastal Flooring WA undertakes is entirely unique to each of our clients, and of their own design. These installations are typically custom made and tailored to your individual taste.

A Parquetry timber floor can be as simple as Mosaic Parquetry “fingers” and range to the more complex designs of Herringbone, Chevron and Basketweave. A custom-made Parquetry timber floor by Coastal Flooring WA is typically Oak timber – as we cut each board to an exact size to meet your design and Oak is very accepting of staining due to its porous nature.

If you were interested in a custom stained parquetry timber floor with a specific design cut into your floor – then come and talk to us in our showroom today.

Installation Method

  • Plank on Ply

For more information on installation methods, click here. 

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