Laminate flooring, the cost-effective alternative to hardwood

Coastal Flooring WA offers some of the finest quality laminate flooring in Perth. We offer a range of rich colours, helping you find the look you want to achieve.

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring. It consists of four layers, synthesized together to create a dense surface. The versatility of laminate flooring makes it possible to place it in almost any area of the house. One of its great properties is the ability to handle daily wear and tear well.

This quality makes it a perfect option for both residential and commercial environments.

The advantages of laminated floors

Laminate flooring is the most affordable option on the market. It is less than half the price of hardwood and cheaper than carpet. You will save money because laminate flooring will not need replacing for years. It is also resistant to stains, impacts and scratches because it uses a durable melamine plastic wear layer.

Installation is also simple if you want to do it yourself. Once you’ve installed your laminate flooring, you’ll find that maintenance is just as easy. You won’t need any wax or polish, only a dust or vacuum, followed by a wipe over with a damp cloth or mop.

Laminate flooring benefits people with allergies. It is quick to clean and doesn’t absorb dust like carpets. It is also a sanitary product. Its airtight locking system and plastic exterior creates a shield against moisture, and it does not contract or expand like real hardwood. If moisture seeps in or damage occurs to the boards, then consider replacement.

We can assist with all your renovation work. Whether you need to add laminate flooring to a certain section of your home or replace existing floor coverings with laminated floors, we have the experience to assist you to create the perfect finish. We provide a full installation service. If you have purchased your own laminate, simply call or visit our showroom for a quote based on the specifics of the product you have purchased.

We provide a 12-month warranty on all workmanship. Make sure to look at our terms and conditions for further details.

For more information about the different options available for your home or business, contact us or visit our showroom today.

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