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Jarrah timber floors that will complement any home

Solid Jarrah flooring is a timeless classic. Teamed with a modern design, the fusion between traditional and contemporary creates a true conversation piece. If you’re looking for some of the best Jarrah decking Perth wide, look no further. Contact Coastal Flooring WA today for a no-obligation quote.

Jarrah timber flooring is durable and is local to Western Australia. It has a gorgeous mix of dark red to brown tones and is complimentary to neutral décor. Possible applications include stairs, counter tops, tables, shutters and pergolas.

For stability, glue and nail the timber to your subfloor or lay a plank on ply for added stability.

Where is Jarrah timber used

Wharf and bridge construction use Jarrah timber. It is also popular in the construction of railway sleepers, cross arms, poles and piles. Construction applications include general house framing and more flooring.

Jarrah timber makes a versatile and aesthetically pleasing decking board. This is thanks to its natural durability and bushfire resistance.

Advantages of Jarrah decking

Jarrah is an eco-friendly timber, making it an excellent choice for decking. Some of the other advantages include:

    • Hardness

Jarrah has a hardness rating of 9. It is a dense timber and hardwearing. It is also sufficiently soft to make it a timber product that is amenable as a building timber.

    • Composition

Jarrah timber decking has a good oil level composition. It is suitable for sanding and varnishing, and provides a great polished finish.

    • Colour and Grain

The colour is a lovely red with shades of brown. Jarrah decking timber also has an attractive grain pattern. The mix of the lovely colour and grain make Jarrah one of the most popular Australian timbers.

In time, the redness of the Jarrah decking timber deepens and becomes more of a burgundy colour. If left to naturally weather, the timber becomes grey in colour.

    • Durability

Jarrah decking has an expected lifetime of 25 years. This is about half the lifetime of more durable Class 1 timbers such as Spotted gum and Blackbutt.

    • Termite Resistance

The native Australian Jarrah has a natural termite resistance making it perfect for outdoor use.

    • Rot Resistance

Jarrah decking timbers are naturally rotting and decay resistant. This makes Jarrah decking an excellent choice for pool decking and for wooden spas and hot tubs.

    • Fire Resistance

West Australian Jarrah timber is naturally fire resistant as well due to the density of the wood.

As flooring specialists, Coastal Flooring also provides a convenient repair service for all types of Jarrah flooring in Perth as well as sanding/polishing services for existing floors.


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