Timber flooring thermal insulation

timber flooring acts as a natural insulator

Did you know that timber flooring acts as a natural insulator? As the cooler months are setting in, you are probably dreading the winter, especially if your home’s floor is tiled.  As you are walking around your home, rugged up with scarves, beanies and hoodies, think outside the box, and consider wooden flooring as an option.

Timber flooring has been used historically as a construction material because of its thermal properties. Air pockets that naturally exist within the timber structure create a barrier from extreme temperature changes. This barrier helps to not only keep your feet warm, but your entire home will also naturally feel warmer.  Imagine, coming home from work, slipping off your shoes at the front door and not having to rapidly trot across the floor to the nearest carpeted area. Well, such a dream is not out of reach when you consider hardwood flooring.

In recent years, the popularity of many different species and types of wooden flooring has grown. This is not just because of the aesthetic quality, but it turns out, that timber is actually a pretty clever organism!  A wooden floor will maximise the efficiency of any heating that you are using, which means you will use less energy to maintain the warmth in your home.

I am sure that as you are reading this, the thought of pulling up your existing floor covering is quite overwhelming. The good news is that you have options, and plenty of them. If you have existing tiles, and can’t bear to part with them, you may want to consider installing  engineered timber flooring over your tiles, so you can be walking on your newly installed wood floors in no time.

Alternatively, if you are more traditional, and only like the look and feel of solid wooden flooring, then a pull up of your existing tiles will be required. Please do not run out and hire the nearest jack hammer that you can find! There are expert companies that deal with this sort of upheaval. In the long term, not only will you have a fabulous looking floor to update your home, but, you will also save in your gas/electricity bill!

So ditch the ugg boots and the scarves and enjoy all the benefits that wooden flooring can offer!