Stain and Gain – The Era of the Hamptons Style Home

They say use what is local, use what is native, but what if you want to be different and think outside the box?

If this sounds like you, then maybe you have already explored the timber options native to Australia, but have found that the rugged and strong style just didn’t suit your gentle nature.

Australian Hardwoods are always a fantastic choice, being locally grown and sourced, while timbers such as Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Jarrah are expected to be seen in Australian homes. These timbers are close to our hearts, and have long been used as a preferred building material Australia-wide.

This may sound crazy, but the floor that you pick will say a lot about you! Timber flooring will provide a canvas and basis for the rest of your home, whether it compliments your other décor choices or is the focal point.

If you have dreams of crisp white linen, hues of blue and grey, chevron patterned cushions and just a pop of colour – you’re dreaming of the Hamptons my friend! Once bitten by this delightful decorating bug it’s almost impossible to even consider anything else. Okay, so cushions and the right textured fabric are an easy find, but what about your flooring?

If you want to execute your look without a hitch, there is a certain foreign species that you cannot overlook. So close your eyes, dream of the waves crashing, the sun shining, envision your home and say the word OAK. 

Oak timber flooring is the absolute epitome of the Hamptons-style home, but don’t feel boxed in with this choice because the options are endless. Oak has the perfect grain structure for staining. This means you can manipulate the colour of the timber by custom hand staining and finishing on site. A popular choice is a very dark almost black colour that will allow the crisp colours to contrast vibrantly with the floor. Alternatively, you can apply a white stain to the floor, giving it that limed look which is more soft and understated. With this floor you have the option to style by design and create a custom look true to you and your vision.

American and French oaks are widely available and can be installed on your concrete subfloor over the top of 12mm plywood for extra stability. You could also opt for an engineered Oak that has all the benefits of the solid appearance but does not require acclimatisation on site, so can be installed much faster. At Coastal Flooring we are avid supporters of quality products and recommend Big River Engineered Oak and Proparq Oak.

If you’re dreaming of driftwood and white plantation shutters then we would love to talk to you. Our team thrives on customising flooring solutions to individual specifications, so give us a call today and we can help turn your dreams into reality.