Building or Renovating? – Tips to help you choose the right floor for YOU

The flooring that you select will make a massive impact look and feel of your home

For many who are thinking about building or renovating, or are currently in the process, the flooring selection can be agonising, as it is the most prominent feature of the home and much of the building budget is probably invested in the flooring choice. The flooring that you select will make a massive impact on the overall look and feel of your home. This is why it is always important to make a decision on your flooring in the early pre-planning stages. This will ensure that you will end up with a finished product that you are overjoyed with.

When making the initial pre-start selections, you will be looking at a vast amount of colours for paint, cabinetry and tiles. Take a moment, and try to envision your home and the look that you are trying to achieve. When you or your guests walk into your home, typically the first thing that anyone will do, is look down. From the floor, the eye is led up the walls and then will take a wider look around the area. It makes perfect sense that the floor is the hero of the home since it’s the first thing that you look at and will set the tone for the rest of your decor selections.

For those who prefer earth tones and grey pallets, select hardy wooden flooring like Australian species Blackbutt or Spotted Gum. These natural and native Australian species allude to charm, character and sophistication.

If you are a modern soul, and prefer bold and bright, a French Oak or American Oak may be the best timber flooring for you. These species are perfect to stain so you can complement your fresh white kitchen, with stainless steel accents with a bold Ebony Stained Oak Floor.

If you love all things shabby chic, and can’t get enough of the beach theme, then a white-washed Engineered Oak floor is your perfect hardwood flooring choice! Full of rustic charm and a relaxed feel, every day will feel like a holiday.

If you prefer the more traditional look, the most popular West Australian species will be best for you, and you guessed it – Jarrah. Who doesn’t love a deep, rich in tone, solid Jarrah floor or Jarrah decking? There really is nothing quite like solid Jarrah flooring. For most of us living in Western Australia, the brain defaults to this species when thinking of a wooden floor.

If you are alternative, energetic and like to think outside of the box, opt for hardwearing vinyl plank flooring or laminate flooring. Not only do these come in a range of colours, but also they have different textures that can add a special touch to your home. I know what your thinking- these floors are cheap and not on-trend. Well, you may be surprised as in recent years they have really come into their own. They are now considered to be funky, fresh and fun!

So, it isn’t any wonder that you are agonising over your flooring choice, with so much to consider.  One last tip: please be sure to pass on the final finished height of the floor to your builder! This will make all the difference when butting up to your tiles or window frames.